Australia Day Achievement Medallions

 View the online list of Australia Day Medallion recipients


Australia Day Achievement Medallions give government departments a chance to acknowledge staff for outstanding performance in special projects or core duties.

Medallions are generally presented in the lead up to Australia Day. You may want to consider including a presentation ceremony in your department's existing Australia Day event.

A separate, formal event may include a guest speaker or presenter from your organisation, the national flags (Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) or Australian writing and music.

Many departments circulate the list of recipients and their citations after the presentation.


How the program works

The criteria for awarding medallions are determined by the department presenting them.

Medallions, including a presentation box, can be purchased for $35 each (plus GST).

You can download a Certificate of Achievement template  to accompany medallions.


Download Certificate of Achievement template



To order your medallions please fill out the form below. Once submitted, we will email you an invoice which we ask you kindly pay at your earlience convenience.

Orders once placed will be shipped within 7-14 days. Please be advised that due to COVID19 some delays may occur.

Online acknowledgement

The NADC will publish a list of recipients' names below after Australia Day. If you would like your recipients to be included in this list, please email their names to by February 7 of that year.


View the online list of Australia Day Medallion recipients

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