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Grants Resources

To help you support and guide events communications and promotions please refer to the links and assets below:

1 . Grants Information session presentation held on 16 Dec 2021 - click here

2. Audio recording of Grants Information session held on 16 Dec 2021 - click here

3. Grants toolkit including key messaging, brand guidelines, templates and social media guide - click here


Free Artwork

To help celebrate Australia Day, a range of free artwork is available for you to choose from. We encourage you to work with your local printers to produce signage and other exciting Australia Day branded items. 


Photographic Competition


The winners of the 2022 Australia Day Photo Competition will be announced here soon !!


The NADC is launching the Australia Day 2022 photo competition to tell the Story of Australia in a new way.

Images connect us and can show us how each local community reflects, respects and celebrates on Australia Day.

 A picture can tell a thousand words, but in this competition, pictures just need to tell ten words: Reflect, Respect and Celebrate. We're all part of the story.

 Three finalists from each state and territory will be selected with the overall winner chosen by the NADC Board.

 Entries can depict reflection on the past, present and future, respect for each other’s stories, contributions and hopes or celebrating being Australian and part of a proud, ancient, multicultural nation that values each citizen.   Showcasing ‘doing something Australian’, originality, composition and impact will also be considered by the judges.

 All finalists and the overall winner will receive cash prizes. Winning photos may be used by the NADC to help promote Australia Day, Australia Day Network events and associated events and activities.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

NADC Photographic competition consent form can be found here

NADC Photographic competition parental/guardian consent form can be found here

To enter click here to register and enter 


Brand Guidelines

When resizing or adjusting artwork for your printers templates, please consult the brand guidelines. We want to ensure the integrity of the Australia Day brand, and that the most up to date logos are in use. For any further assistance on artwork changes and resizing you can email us here.

Australia Day Event Kit Brand Guide


Templates and other downloadable designs 

There is also a range of event promotion templates and other useful designs available for download which can be found here in our Planning your community event section.

Tablecloth (4ft)

Media Wall 2250 x 2250mm

Media Wall 1500 x 2200mm

Australia Day Logos

Australia Day Logo Brand Guidelines